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How Is A NSN Structured?

If you are trying to figure out how to use a NATO Stock Number (aka National Stock Number), don’t worry because it’s quite easy. In about three minutes you’ll have it all figured out.

What Is An NSN?

A NATO Stock Number (sometimes called a National Stock Number) is a 13-digit numeric code. It’s a string of numbers, but not a simply number in and of itself because the numbers are broken down by sections and are normally presented with hyphens between the sections.

How Does An NSN Work?

Let’s deconstruct the NSN for a a screwdriver hex bit: 5120-00-640-6732.

You start off with the NSN:

  • 5120-00-640-6732

This is composed of two sub-groups:

  • 5120: Federal Supply Classification Group (FSCG), or sometimes the National Supply Classification Group (NSCG)
  • 00-640-6732: National Item Identification Number (NIIN)

The first 4 numbers are actually 2 groups of 2, which should form related categories, which closer numbers being similar products. That said the first numbers are generally not very informative because many products deviate from this pattern.

The last 9 numbers, the NIIN, are more helpful. The first two numbers, in this case “00” are a country code, the National Codification Bureau number for a country. The last 7 digits are simply the item number. This string is technically called the “non-significant number” but that phrase is rarely used as it’s quite confusing, and its acronym would also be “NSN,” which adds to the confusion. They are said to be assigned randomly. This string of numbers will never be reused so older items are kept in the database.

NCB numbers are assigned to NATO and NATO partner nations:

Country NCB Code(s)
USA 00 and 01
Unassigned 02 through 10
NATO-standard items 11
Germany 12
Belgium 13
France 14
Italy 15
Czech Republic 16
Netherlands 17
South Africa 18
Brazil 19
Canada 20 and 21
Denmark 22
Greece 23
Iceland 24
Norway 25
Portugal 26
Turkey 27
Luxembourg 28
Argentina 29
Japan 30
Israel 31
Singapore 32
Spain 33
Malaysia 34
Thailand 35
Egypt 36
Republic of Korea 37
Estonia 38
Romania 39
Slovakia 40
Austria 41
Slovenia 42
Poland 43
United Nations-standard items 44
Indonesia 45
Philippines 46
Lithuania 47
Fiji 48
Tonga 49
Bulgaria 50
Hungary 51
Chile 52
Croatia 53
Republic of Macedonia 54
Latvia 55
Oman 56
Russian Federation 57
Finland 58
Albania 59
Kuwait 60
Ukraine 61
Belarus 62
Morocco 63
Sweden 64
Papua, New Guinea 65
Australia 66
Afghanistan 67
Georgia 68
Unregistered 69
Saudi Arabia 70
United Arab Emirates 71
India 72
Serbia 73
Pakistan 74
Bosnia-Herzegovina 75
Brunei 76
Montenegro 77
Jordan 78
Peru 79
Colombia 80
New Zealand 98
United Kingdom 99

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